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Expert's advice on how to write a conclusion to a persuasive essay

A persuasive essay is all about making a strong enough point to change someone’s mind on a specific topic. If you make a great argument on your point and then fizzle out on the conclusion you will lose the reader. There are some things that a good conclusion needs to work in your favor.

  • To be strong and solid on the point
  • To finish what you are saying
  • To make the point clear

Strong solid point

When writing a persuasive essay you need to convince people of something. The ending is when you conclude the essay with your strongest points in different words than it is stated in the body of the essay. You reiterate what you said already and make the point as clear as possible. If you don’t have a strong point to make than the whole essay will not be very persuasive and it will be a failure at its job. Make strong points throughout the essay but make them clear at the end in a paraphrased manner.  The conclusion is the last chance you have to change their minds, make it count.

Finish what you were saying

In the body of the essay you make points to support you position about the topic of the essay. When you conclude you are wrapping up what you are saying in a clear and to the point manner. You want to make sure to include any key facts that you have yet to say while including points that you already made. It is the end so it has to be finished.

Make the point clear

When you make your conclusion make your point as clear as possible. You want people to know your position and agree with it because you made a good argument. Being vague does not work well to change people’s minds about things. You want to clearly state your feelings and points in a way that you have yet to already. If your point is clear they will understand what you are saying and maybe believe it themselves. If you don’t believe it, how can they?


You want the conclusion to be a summing up of the essay as a whole while still having fresh information to add. With a clear point that you make well and a clear ending to make your point stand out you could have an amazing essay. If the conclusion isn’t up to par than the whole essay will suffer for it. The end is what people most remember.

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