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Women In Ancient Greece

The status and characteristics of women in Greece both the ancient and modern day resulted from the historical events that occurred in Greece. In the ancient times in Greece when adored and glorified to be the least talked about by there, men are it in blame or praise. The status of Greek women, however, has undergone various changes and advancement during the twentieth century where Greek women were allowed to vote, inherit property even when married and to be able to get a job in both government and private entities. From city-state to another the status of women in ancient Greece varied with other city-state allowing women to own land that was the most prestigious private asset at the time.

Women in Ancient Athens

In ancient Athens, women were illegal personhood and were to be part of Oikos that were headed by male Kyrios. Women were in the guardianship of their male relatives and fathers until marriage where she becomes part of the family, but their husbands were their Kyrios. The Kyrios conducted legal proceedings on their behalf since no woman was allowed to do so. Ancient Athenian women were limited to own property and hence were not considered to be full citizens since citizenships, civil and political rights were given to ownership of property and the ways of life. Women had rights to own property through dowry, gifts, and inheritance but still the Kyrios had the last say on whether to dispose or keep that property. No women whatsoever manage to get full citizenship in the ancient Athens hence women were not included in practice and principles.

Women in Sparta

Spartan women enjoyed much better freedom than women in ancient Athens. They enjoyed power, respect, status and voiced opinions something that wasn’t experienced anywhere in the classical world. They enjoyed the status of being the mothers of Spartan warriors even though they weren’t allowed to join military and political life. When men participated in military activities, women took the responsibility of managing estates. During the Hellenistic period, women were the wealthiest people in Spartan after occupying about forty percent of Spartan land from their fallen husband during the protracted warfare. Women in Sparta were not allowed to get married before the age of 20 unlike follow Athenians who were characterized by wearing heavy clothes and indoors operation. In Sparta, women wore what they thought pleased them and were allowed to move around. Education was given to both girls and boys and even participated in the festival of nude youths.

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