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Where To Find A Decent Example Of A Compare And Contrast Essay

When you consider two entities from the same fold, you are tempted to either compare or contrast them. Now, comparison is more a case of finding common veins between the two entities while contrast takes into account the difference.

Tracing families

Talking of where you can find examples of compare and contrast essays, you don’t actually have to go far. You just have to look for two entities that belong to the same family. For instance, you can compare and contrast two ideologies, two types of criminals; two cities; two hill stations et al.

The ideas at home

You can begin at home and sieve out essays on cats and dog as pets. You can compare indoor and outdoor games at the outset; or you can conjure an analytical study between traditional and modern architecture of a setup.v

The neighborhood check

You can reach out to neighborhood and trace the similarity or difference between lifestyles of different sects; or lifestyles of adults and young ones. In your essay, you can assess the enjoyment of freedom by women in disparate societies. You can also trace the tendency towards prosperity and cleanliness of different neighborhoods.

The country talk

Through your essay, you can reach a little further and compare countries on different aspects; their economies, their trade system, the regulations in place; the ideologies they abide by, the types of governance; autocratic or democratic.

The other variants

You can also compare the resident movie industries or the allowed freedom of the press. Your essay may get into the education system persisting in two states, cities or even countries. You can evaluate the disparate growth of developing and developed countries. You can trace the reasons of stability or lack of stability of different currencies. You can also adjudge the weather patterns of two topographies.

Here are 10 compare and contrast essay for your purview –

  1. Compare and contrast Soccer’s EPL and Cricket’s IPL

  2. Compare and contrast the aggressive inflections of a serial killer and a patriotic military man

  3. Compare and contrast V S Naipaul’s two books: The Enigma of Arrival and The Mystic Masseur

  4. Compare and contrast the strategies of American Football with Basketball

  5. Compare and contrast Nazism and Fascism

  6. Compare and contrast cats and dogs as pets

  7. Compare and contrast Spanish and French Literature

  8. Compare and contrast Healthcare facilities in USA and Europe

  9. Compare and contrast Android and iPhones

  10. Compare and contrast junk food and processed food

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