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Writing a college paper: use a free essay example

Sometimes using examples makes it easier to do one’s own work. But how to do it correctly is always the key to getting a good grade. There are a few techniques and rules that need to be followed. This tutorial is designed to show how to do just that. What to do, and what not to do.

  1. Use a Guide
  2. Do not plagiarize
  3. Be Creative
  4. Use your Own Research

Use a Guide

Use the guide just in case. The essay that might be used, may not be in the same style as the instructor wanted it written in. Even with that said, many aspects are across the board so check the style will help. How the essay was put together, the references used, and the strength of the thought will still help. It would be better to use one in the same writing style as the instructor requested. But sometimes that is not easy to find.

Do not Plagiarize

Even is the sample is on the same subject, use the students own thoughts and words. The idea for using the sample essay, is to see how and get ideas from. It is not there to be copied. The sample is there so the student can see how to write theirs. It is there to give the student ideas when writing their own essay. Copy techniques not words when using a sample essay. That is the purpose, and the student will learn a lot from doing this.

Be Creative

The sample essay has a lot of useful ideas and usually some interesting techniques. The student should look through how the writer composed the sample essay, and find ideas they can use from it. Being creative means to find different ways to use these techniques and design. As an example, a writer might paraphrase a quote. This is called “a Paraphrase Quote”, and there is a way to cite them in the essay. But they have to cite it and make an actual paraphrase out of the quote they are using.

Use Your Own Research

Never use someone else’s research. The student always needs to do their own research. They cannot write a solid essay by looking at what someone else says about something that writer researched. The only way to compose an essay is to do the research. The sample is there as a guideline, not to build off from.

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