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Supplying Yourself With Persuasive Research Essay Topics

You should be aware that persuasive research essay topics are very similar to argumentative essay topics. The issue is one which divides public opinion. The greater the division the greater the chance you have to write a truly effective research essay. You need to select a point of view which arises from the topic and make a case that your point of view should prevail. You are not unlike a lawyer in a court case who has to prosecute a particular case.

The usual strong points of advice apply in choosing your persuasive research essay topics.

  • Look for something which seriously divides public opinion.
  • Do you have an interest or better still a passion for the subject?
  • Will you be studying this topic in greater detail later in your course?
  • Are you able to see both sides of the argument in your choice of topic?

You make your writing task far more difficult when you choose a topic which does not cause serious division in society. The more division, the greater the division the topic causes or creates, the greater the scope you have in writing your research essay. You have to be persuasive and when there is a strong opinion on both sides of the fence, you have something to get your teeth into in trying to persuade the reader to believe your point of view.

Here are some possible persuasive research essay topics

  • All smokers should play an extremely high rate of tax.
  • At least one parent should remain at home while the child is still in the early years of their education.
  • Workers should be forced to share cars when traveling to work.
  • People who grow their own vegetables should be given tax reductions.
  • People who download copyrighted material without permission should be fined or sent to jail.
  • All access to the Internet should be free.
  • Teenagers should be allowed to choose when they need to go to bed.
  • Students should be allowed to bring their pets to school on a regular basis.
  • Rural areas are better for your health than living in major cities.
  • Governments should be allowed to spy on people in order to discover potential terrorism.
  • It should be compulsory to wear helmets when riding a bicycle or a skateboard.
  • There are too many holidays for students and for workers.
  • Every young person should spend at least one year in the military.
  • The tax on junk food should be dramatically increased.

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