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Effective Tips to Help you Write a Conclusion For an Essay

Conclusions are a place to leave your readers with a final thought on the subject or the last word. Here is where you summarize your thoughts and show off the importance of your subject. It is also where you can leave things on a positive note.

Things to Avoid:

There are four main kinds of conclusions that should be avoided when you are writing an essay. These are not only overused but are ineffective.

  1. The painfully short conclusion. This is one where you only restate your thesis. It is too short and does not push your ideas forward. It is a conclusion written by students who can’t think of anything else to add and just state exactly what they put in the introduction.
  2. The Sherlock Holmes. This is where students introduce something for the first time in the conclusion. This is a terrible idea. You might want to use this in order to avoid giving everything away at the start of your paper but it is not more effective to keep your reader in the dark until the conclusion and then “wow” them in a mysterious Sherlock Holmes way at the conclusion. It will not work. The reader wants an analytical discussion not a mystery. They want the thesis up front and do not want to be kept in the dark.
  3. The emotional conclusion. This is one which draws on emotions and uses overt sentimentality. But this is often out of place with regard to the rest of the paper and just comes off as odd. Use something more sophisticated than that.
  4. The grab bag. This is where you offer some extra information that you could not really integrate into your paper. So you just added random evidence or facts into the conclusion. This is not a good tactic. It is a great way to harm an otherwise well organized essay. It will only result in confusion for the reader.

Other strategies you should avoid include the following:

  • Avoid starting with unnecessary wording such as “in closing” or “in conclusion”. They are often dull in an essay.
  • Avoid stating your thesis for the first time.
  • Avoid introducing a new idea.
  • Avoid merely rephrasing your thesis without any changes
  • Avoid making an emotional appeal that is wildly out of character
  • Avoid including evidence that belongs in the body of your text.

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