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The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is a novel by Stephen King. It was released in 1999. The novel has received a lot of criticism from writers all over the world. Stephen, however, manages to carry the whole world away from the male chauvinism altitude. He manages to create a scenario of a very courageous girl. We do not see the courage of Trisha only when she is lost in the forest but even in her hobbies. She loves games and has a great fan of bases ball. She knows the game and even falls in love with Gordon. Trisha has learned what Gordon does and knows and appreciates that there is a God that will rescue people from difficult situations.

Plot Summary of the Novel

The book begins with a family that is taking a hike in the woods. Peter is in an argument with his mother over their divorce with their father. Trisha does not want to be caught up in the argument and lags behind them. She takes a bathroom break so as to give them time to have moved and she can catch up with them and hopefully find the argument over the divorce over. When she tries to catch up with them, they have gone too far. She is courageous enough and tries a shortcut but ends up getting lost. She tries to find her way but ends up getting deeper in the woods. She is courageous and does not panic. She keeps on listening to her walkman from time to time to see if she could hear any news about her search. She is also keen to follow the baseball games of her heartthrob, Gordon. She does not have mush food with her and she starts surviving by taking just a little. When she finds a stream, she follows it hoping that it will lead to civilization. To her disappointment, the stream ends in a swamp.

She rescues herself

Hours pass and when her parents get to the vehicle and realize that she is missing, they call the police. A search is made, but they do not go as deep as she had. In the evening, they call off the search and by this time Trisha takes a nap under a tree. She gets a hallucination of people coming to her. She is, however, sure that she will meet with the God of the lost. When she wakes up, she meets a bear. She believes that this is a sign from God. She does not fear the bear. Right in time a hunter who has been following the bear appears and takes. She wakes up in the hospital.

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