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The Beetles

It started in 1957 Liverpool, England, where a young men started a band. Not every time when a group of young men/women start a band are they ever remembered. But what would become Beatles were one of those groups that everything fell right.

The Beatles can be traced back as far as 1957. When John Lennon started his first band the Blackjacks, later changed to The Quarry Men. A group of school kids playing wherever they could. The band played what was called “Skiffle Music”; a mix of covers in R&B, Jazz, and Blues. This was common for Garage bands of the time in England. Lennon moved from Skiffle to Rock & Roll in 1958, and this caused the Banjo player to leave, and George Harrison to join.

The Beatles landed in JFK International Airport on Feb. 7th,, 1964, on a Friday, received by many cheering fans they had already made in the US. Something they would have to quickly get used to. Two days later a TV record would be set, when [seventy-three million teenaged viewers would tune in to watch the Beatles on the ED Sullivan show].

The Beatles had two major disruptions in their career; Lennon’s statement about Jesus, and their break-up. In an to a Reporter from the London Evening Standard, John Lennon made a statement that caused a major rue with many Americans and fans. He predicted that Christianity would fall and shrink away, and that the Beatles were right then more famous than Jesus Christ. What happened was in Maureen’s article she reported it as he said it; but in America when it was finally picked up, it was chopped to make it a total anti-Christian statement. Lennon later stated that he should not have said it, at least that way.

In the late 1960’s the Beatles started a long break-up. There were many reasons, as Paul McCartney stated in a self-interview on April 10, 1970. McCartney stated that it was personal, business, musical, and his family; driving a wedge between him and his Band Mates. This then caused John Lennon to make an angry counter in an interview where he lashed out at Paul. Followed by a suit to terminate the band’s business dealings and partnership on May 14, 1970. By the end of the year, the band was broken up.

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