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Save Our Environment

The state of our environment is critical to human health and survival. Human beings depend on the environment for food, clean air, and water. Our diet includes plants and animals whose survival and safety depend on the state of the environment. Environmental pollution destroys ecosystems that are important to human health and part of our food chain. In additional, the environment is the source of natural resources that nations require for economic growth. Nations create wealth by trading their natural resources and products of such resources with other nations. Although governments bear the responsibility of protecting the environment, all citizens have a role to play in keeping the environment clean and safe.

Why we need to save our Environment

Environmental pollution has been a major concern for all governments for many years. Economic growth and development has had a negative impact on our environment. Industrialization as a means to economic growth has resulted in pollution and global warming. The effects of global warming on terrestrial and marine life have pushed nations to advocate for environmental protection. Air and water pollution causes diseases including respiratory diseases. Many industries empty their chemical wastes into rivers and lakes, which are harmful to human health. Burning coal does not only add to gaseous substances that lead to global warming but also lead to deforestation and desertification of productive land.

Some agricultural practices are risks to human, plant and animal health. Overuse of pesticides and herbicides leads to air, water and land pollution. Poor waste management systems in homes and offices contribute to environment pollution. Some of the effects of wastes on the environment are irreversible. Hence, there is a need for every individual to be aware of his or her contribution to environmental pollution and participate in saving the environment.

Ways to Save our Environment

Individuals and organizations can save the environment in many ways. Proper waste disposal and management systems especially for non-degradable materials such as plastics will help save our environment. Simple decisions to use degradable materials for packaging reduce pollution. Business owners and farmers have a role to play in ensuring that industrial wastes are disposed properly. Government agencies should ensure that industries follow rules and regulations in their waste management practices. In addition, governments have a role to play in formulating and enforcing laws and policies to protect the environment. Campaigns against environmental pollution must continue across the globe. However, there should be severe consequences for individuals, companies, and nations that continue to degrade and pollute the environment. International agreements and recommendations on environmental protection such as recycling and reusing some products should be implemented.

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