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Child Obesity in America


This paper highlights on the research work that has been done in relation to child obesity in America. The effects and the main contribution and how it can be solved.


Research shows that over 15% of children in America in the past 30 years have been suffering from obesity. This has been contributed by various factors, but the main one is the lifestyle that they live. So what is obesity and what causes obesity? According to Oxford, advanced dictionary 6th Edition they describe obesity as being fat in a way that it is not healthy. One is considered to be obese when their weight is 20 times more than the normal height. Medically obesity is defined as the excess adipose tissue on a living creature.


To begin with obesity is brought about with the things that we feed on. If a child is not feeding in a balanced diet but mainly stick to fatty or high cholesterol foods then, one can easily get obese? The other aspect is where a child hardly does any exercise. Most children in the current world mainly spend their time watching television or playing video games hence they lack any physical activities. As much as fast foods are the easy way out doctors advises one to take them on a minimal intake.

When one is obese they are exposed to so many health issues, for instance, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, heart disease, etc. When is consider to be obese when their BMI goes than 30.

What has a beginning must have an end; therefore, for parents to be able to reduce the chances of their children being obese they should start by guarding what they eat. Parents should encourage their children to feed more on vegetables than fatty foods. In addition to that they should discourage indoor games. A child that gets out and rides a bicycle for 30 minutes is better off to the one who sits and plays video games. In this regard, parents can also help by engaging the children to do some chores around the house. Obese children are normally teased, and this may end up affecting their esteem hence their psychological state.


All in all, parents are the life guards of their children. For us to have a changed America and see healthier kids parents to eradicate fast foods and stick to organic foods. The few steps the parents take make the biggest difference. So let’s change the future of American Kids.

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