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Phone Zones In School

Ever since mobile phones were first introduced, their use in schools has spurred a lot of confusion and conversation when it comes to driving especially in an area where there is a school. In several parts of the world students are allowed to take their phones to school and that has made it a lot easier for parents to inform their students when they are ready to pick them up. It has also made it easy for the kids to get in touch with their parents in case of emergency. Because of this use of phones, the government has intervened to ensure the complete safety and protection of the children.

The Law

Whenever a bus or a car enters an area that is a school there are distinct phone zones. This means that there are certain areas where the use of phones is forbidden to ensure that no child’s life is put in danger. The only way the driver of the vehicle is allowed to use a phone is if they are on Bluetooth or if they have parked the vehicle on a side.

However, the government has made exceptions in case of an emergency. They have also allowed individuals to call the police when in the phone zone. This is because these situations are what allow people to keep the children safe.

In order to ensure people are aware of these zones they have started putting up a lot of signs. These signs are large enough to indicate the drivers far in advance that they are entering a phone zone. Not only does this keep the kids safe, it is also the best way to ensure that the drivers do not end up with a ticket each time they answer the phone call in the phone zone. At the same time this allows the drivers to keep their vehicles speed limit under check.

The government has clearly declared that no driver is allowed to use phones unless in case of an emergency. In order to ensure the proper implementation of this rule, people have now made this rule a part of the students curriculum.

All of the above has been implemented properly to ensure that no driver ever thinks that they can jeopardize the life of a child only because they were on the phone or were texting. This keeps the drivers free from possible tickets and also keeps the students safe.

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