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How Risky Driving Behavior Correlates With A Person's Traits Of Narcissism And Impulsiveness

There is a correlation between risky driving behavior and several risk factors. Two of the major ones are impulsiveness and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Other things cause reckless driving, sure, like general aggressiveness, but impulsiveness is super dangerous. It can cause people to make rash, unhelpful decisions. This can lead to an accident. Narcissism is a specific personality disorder; it is connected with all kinds of selfishness. This clearly translates to the road, where it can be very dangerous if you are not concerned for the welfare of people around you. These both cause many real problems.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissism is a serious issue, because it has many negative manifestations. Narcissism causes people, among other people, to be arrogant, conceited, and selfish. It is more than that, though. Narcissistic personality disorder is a long-term pattern of behavior, and the primary characteristic is that people only think of themselves and not the people around them. Named after Narcissus, the Greek legend who saw his image in a mirror and feel in love with himself, and leads to a noticeable disturbing behavior.


Impulsiveness is merely the tendency to do things without thinking. This often happens when the person in question gets overly emotion, and acts on those emotions without thinking. While this can lead to the ability to be decisive, it is not best to be both decisive and rash, which is what so often happens here. It is sometimes hard for impulsive people to slow down, consider their actions, and come up with a plan. Instead, they just rush into things, and deal with the aftermath alters.

Correlation with a Risky Driving

Risky driving is a big problem, because it endangers other people on the road. This is very dangerous, especially because cards are multi-ton bricks of steel moving along at high speeds. A crash could permanently injure someone, or worse, kill him or her. Risky driving is correlated with many things and there are many habits that go into it- merely learning bad habits or a new driver may cause. However, some people are aggressive drivers, who intentionally do things that might be dangerous. Narcissism makes it hard to think of other people, so it is easy to not worry about their safety when driving. In addition, impulsiveness has to do with not thinking through the consequences of your actions, which, on the road, could be deadly.

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