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On-Line Educations Impact On The Traditional University

For the last two decades, there has been a remarkable growth of online education. And, with the continued exponential growth of the internet and computer power, online universities seem to be on the rise today more than ever before. Students get all the materials via the web and attend lectures through the video chats and emails. More innovations are also being done to make sure that learning is easy and effective. However, as students celebrate the rise of online learning, an impact has been realized in the traditional university.

To start with, the cost of attending lectures in the traditional university is way too high for students. Yet, the quest to acquire a degree or a diploma is even higher within the population. Hence, students opt for online degrees that are cheaper, and that offer flexible ways of paying for the tuition money. It is even amazing that some universities offer free courses, making it possible for the needy students to access education. Therefore, fewer students are registering in the traditional universities. Secondly, fewer people are able and willing to attend classes as it the case with the traditional universities. Rather, a majority of people, especially the young, want to graduate from an institution within the shortest time possible and at their own convenience. Online universities are also very desirable for people who are working or committed in various projects and would want to peruse higher education.

Interestingly, professors at the traditional universities argue that the educational experience in such institutions is intense and effective. They expound this by stating that students have much to gain from the face-to-face working through various concepts and the close interaction with the lecturers. Thus, the professor’s argue that experience at the traditional universities cannot be replaced by online chats and emails. However, with the consideration of the fact that many lecturers are not willing to have a deep engagement with students as it is the case with traditional university, a student may gain much more by enrolling for online classes. In actual, sense, because of many materials provided online and the convenience of chatting with the students, there is chance that online universities are more effective than the traditional ones.

Predictably, in the future, students will opt to go for the online classes and at the same time go for traditional universities whenever they have the resources and time at their disposal. Still, the numbers registering for online courses will keep swelling. In the ultimate end, though the traditional universities will not be completely eliminated, the number of students registering in them will reduce significantly.

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