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Menacing Terror Scuttling Economy

The stubborn tumor of terror, couldn’t be vulcanized since from detachment especially after ‘nine-eleven’. The economy, thereafter whipsawed and victimized by several socio-political threats, economic tally of woes regarding scuttling and ravaging, could be disintegrated wholes into binary parts; the feral and untamed terror, and the apathetical instinctive political behavior. The curse of political apathetic behavior isn’t obstinate and can be docile, many of the countries after their recognition had faced such challenges and are still facing, but such macabre and dreadful challenges, which are faced by Pakistan in the form of terrorism, never been faced by any other country.

Lull and interlude phase after the terror attach ‘nine-eleven’ was never been witnessed in Pakistan, as it boosted the ‘War against terror’ by the Americans. But Pakistan being a point of focus suffered a lot from the war consequences, regardless of the fact that wasn’t the war on the country that was the bestowed of old imperial connection as they sanctioned and panegyrized ‘War against terror’, the old connections wasn’t enough thereafter the heedless and frigid behavior of current political leaders added further insult to injury. Furthermore inputs of Pakistan putted on to the back burner by the protagonists, but not by the foes which turn the situation from bad to worst. Consequently terrorist, extremist and the obscurant directed their activities toward crippling economy of Pakistan. 16 Dec 2014, was proven as the darkest day of the history, when 131 tykes were killed, a strong sinister economic image in all over the world was transmitted, the stock market hit the bottom suddenly, investors got flee from the threat of uncertain market and political instability, apart from fictive practices astute decisive statement was made, which was to redox the capital punishment just after one day of terror attack on 17 of Dec. Therein the question arises, which thing turn extremists and obscurant so insolence, corrosive and caustic? The answer on the other hand could is quite simple, extremists and terrorism, which are known by the world as Al-Qaida, was stimulated by the Americans for their own succor, and when time came to recompense for all of their conducts, the got flee, but this practices didn’t acclaimed even it exploited the extremer to take revenge, and for that they scuttled everything even they made religious as the tool of stimuli for brain washing of noob, that was more threatening and ravaging.

The rankling and rebuking trend of politics curtail the economy, the political leadership has been dissociated into parts from the beginning, and all of the single cluster behaving as troops tired its level best to cast down the other one, and consequently tally of their efforts casting down the economy Pakistan as a whole, in elections 2013, it was considered that a political leadership under the supervision of Nawaz Sharif would pass the mustard, as they got the huge mend date, but reprimand and censure trend dominated once again, led the economy toward extinguishment. However criticism and rebuking trend isn’t the only reason, the inertness in conduct and preposterous and ridiculous government practices added fuel to fire. The hogging and overwhelm consumer behavior couldn’t be discouraged by government, and immunity under umbrella of democracy made politicians feral and untamed, they are romping and frolicking with the economy of Pakistan regardless from the consequences, policies are formulated for the for the rich peoples and on the other hand deprives are being crushed by inflation. The instability of government and fluctuation in tax rates discouraging the investors from the outside of the world.

The remedies are also available in the economy, Pakistan is ideally located on the geographic area of the world with its halcyons and flourishing sights which can entice foreigners, and with all of the economic resources which could be utilized if, country would have stood side by side with the developed countries, but these are still buried under the soil untouched, and can be utilized to succor economy, on the other hand rankling, reprimand and rebuke practices of casting down each other should be attenuate, and the conservation with the extremist and obscurant should be escalated to find common way. It is our onerous responsibility to extend interlude and to cast-down such preposterous obscurant activities.

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