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How to Start a Paragraph in an Essay: Useful Advice from Experienced Writers

The introductory paragraph for an essay is a crucial and essential point of interest; great care should be taken to create a paragraph with clear explanations on the point of the entire essay. We will provide you with some tips that will help you write a clear and concise introduction to your essay.

Tips for an amazing introduction

  • Make a statement
  • Organize
  • Use humor
  • Give a definition
  • Pretend
  • Read aloud

One of the best ways to catch the attention of your readers is to make a statement. Use a quotation, a surprising fact, or a humorous start to catch your readers off guard and gain their interest. The first sentence is the most important; it needs to be the show stopper. Once you have your show stopping statement, organize your supporting information so it flows. You do not want short, choppy sentences that jump from one point to the next. This will make the introduction boring and your readers will lose interest. You can keep their attention by slipping some humor into your paper. Humor is a great way to keep the attention of any audience; it makes them anxious to know what is coming next and where the paper is going.

While humor is great, you can also give a definition to help clarify your point of view. A well-rounded introduction is capable of being humorous while staying organized and defined. To see if your introduction is interesting and inspiring, pretend you are making a speech instead of an essay. Practice reading your essay aloud to see how the tone of the paper flows. Ask a friend to sit in and help refine the tone of your essay. As you read through the introduction, listen for things that sound funny or do not make sense. Make edits to your introduction until you have a paragraph that flows like a river with information that the audience cannot resist.

With the introduction paragraph being one of the most important, incorporating a show stopping first sentence will gain the readers’ attention and make them anxious to know where the essay is going. Make sure to organize your information so it flows; use appropriate humor when you can and include a well-rounded definition. By pretending you are making a speech, you can check the flow of your essay. Read the essay aloud and make edits where they are needed.

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