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Easy tips to help you polish your academic essay

Writing an academic essay is not as hard as the editing phase is. You do not have to put this much efforts in the first draft. The difficult part is when you have created the essay and you need to cut down stuff. Sometimes you might have to cut down a complete paragraph that you wrote with dedication but it does not go with the rest of your essay. You need to focus on maintaining the right direction of your essay. It is important to have good quality instead of quantity in your essay.

Read your paper aloud when you have written it

After you complete your essay, it is a good idea to read it aloud. Sometimes it so happens that you read your paper repeatedly and get accustomed to a typo or a gap in the overall flow. You are not able to recognize this as an error while you are reading it by heart. However, if you read your paper aloud in a way that you converse, you will easily identify if there is a miscommunication of ideas or if the essay is jumbled up. When you read your paper aloud, you can be in place of the reader and see what impression they will get out of your essay.

Avoid using jargons and abbreviations

While you are doing research on a certain subject, there are specific terms that appear repeatedly and you get used to them. However, the reader will not know the meaning of jargon and abbreviations. Some of them might be seeing these terms for the first time. If they do not understand the meaning of these words, then the essay will not deliver a clear meaning to them.

Avoid the use of contractions

Contractions are not an ideal thing to use in formal and academic writings. An academic writing is different from how you usually talk.

Also, remember to

  • Cut out irrelevant sentences, data, and even paragraphs
  • Allow no flexibility for repetition and fluff
  • Double check all the numerical figures, names, quotations and data that you have entered
  • Write the introduction and conclusion after writing the body of your essay
  • Make sure your essay addresses the essay prompt
  • Get a neutral opinion from a friend, parent, or sibling
  • Leave your essay for a day or so
  • Re-write your essay on a neat paper

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