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How to Structure an Essay to Make It Look Better

A well-defined structure is one of the features that differentiate good essays from mediocre ones. A standard paper should consist of five distinctive paragraphs.

  1. An introduction
  2. This part should include your thesis statement. It must be clear and concise. A thesis defines the essay’s purpose and structure.

    In order to make an introduction more interesting and captivating, you can add a motivating statement to it. This can be a provocative question or a catching remark. It’s not mandatory to include an “attention grabber”, but this can give you a chance to impress the audience from the very beginning of the essay.

  3. A body/1
  4. The first paragraph of the body of your paper must state the topic (or topics) of the research. It should be mentioned in the introduction, so your task is to expand the idea and explain it in detail.

  5. A body/2
  6. This paragraph should be a subtopic of sorts. Here you will need to discuss some aspects of the topic in order to provide the reader with a clearer understanding of it.

    Depending on the type of an essay, this paragraph may include descriptions of the methods used during the research. If this is the case, you will need to describe every step you took in great detail. This part of the essay must allow the readers to recreate the research in order to verify its results personally.

  7. A body/3
  8. The last paragraph of the essay’s body must be connected to the first. It should provide some more generalized information about the topic.

    Here you should list your findings and explain their effects on the field. You will also need to provide some background information that will help people understand the significance of the research.

  9. A conclusion
  10. This paragraph should include a short summary of the essay. Be sure to mention every important point discussed in the paper and every conclusion drawn through your research.

You will also need to present a general conclusion to the whole paper. It must explain the true value of the research and its position in the field of study.

Do not introduce any new topics or make suggestions for future research in this paragraph. The purpose of the conclusion is to make the work complete.

In case you need to write a more complex work than a basic five paragraph essay, you will need to keep the same structure. The only difference is that the body paragraphs will be divided into several subsections for every topic you need to cover.

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