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How To Find A Good Way To Start An Essay

Figuring out how to begin an essay can be brutal because you want it to sound good but you also what it to catch the reader’s attention and take notice of your work.  There are some different ways that you can start your essay, you can surprise them, make them think, or even tell them a story.  Choosing which way you want to start your essay is up to you but I will give you some great ways that you can start your essay.

How To Start Your Essay

The first way that you can start an essay is by quoting a statistic that is surprising and not well known. You did a lot of research for this essay, so think back to all the fact that you learned, is there one that stuck out or surprised you when you read it, use that to open your essay.

Ask the reader a question at the beginning of your essay.  Asking them a question opens up your essay to answer it and has the reading pondering it as they read.

Tell the reader a short narrative at the beginning of the essay.  Use a sentence or two to tell a short story that is related to your subject makes your essay more personable and tells the reader something about you.

Use controversy in the beginning of your essay, using a fact about your essay that the reader might disagree with is a great way to grab their attention and hold it during your essay.

Use a famous quote that pertains to the topic that your essay is on, everyone loves to read words of wisdom from a famous person and you can use that to your advantage in your essay.

Tell the reader something shocking but keep is short so it grabs their attention, like love hurts.  These two words together will peak their interest and keep them reading.

Any of these suggestions are great ways to start your essay but if you still don’t know exactly how to do it, then search for examples of essays online.  Reading others work might give you the inspiration you need to write a great introduction to your essay.  Facts are always a good way to go on the first sentence of your essay but be creative and think outside the box when you are constructing the beginning of your essay.

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