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How to come up with good persuasive essay topicsĀ 

If you are being asked to write a good persuasive essay, and you have been given the freedom to pick a topic on your own, then you need to follow these tips:

Think about what topics interest you. Consider what debates you always seem to have with friends or family. A persuasive essay is, after all, a debatable topic wherein you seek to convince the reader that your side is right. And, a debate with friends or family is essentially the same thing. So think about the times that you are reading the news or watching television, and a debate is stirred at home. Consider a time when you tried to convince your friend of something, tried to make them side with you or do something with you. This may very well be the foundation for your next paper topic.

For example: when you are watching a television show with a gay character, does your family start a lively debate about gay rights? When watching the news does your family comment on the backlogged judicial system in the Bronx? Do you start to persuade them that gay families should be allowed to adopt from religious groups or that the Bronx District Attorney needs more funding to get a bigger staff? If you take a side in the debate and try to persuade others, then it can be used for a persuasive paper.

Take some time to brainstorm what topics interest you. Brainstorm what you often argue about or what side you often try and persuade. Think about your audience and what they already believe. Does your reader agree with you already? Does your reader oppose your position? Is the reader neutral?

If you are having a difficult time picking a topic that is appropriate for your assignment, take a moment to review the potential topics below. See if anything strikes you as interesting, but remember that these are meant only as a jumping off point from which you should find an angle or creative aspect that is interesting to you:

  • Review why Hollywood has turned to remaking older films rather than producing new content
  • Discuss whether creativity is boosted by those who are emotionally challenged or have endured hardship
  • Write about whether heavy metal music can instill violence
  • Explain the influence that cameras had on painting as an art form

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