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Can I find a topic for my descriptive essay online?

You certainly can find examples of descriptive essays online. In fact there is not much you can't find online. But finding terrific topics and even terrific examples of descriptive essays online doesn't take away from the fact that you need to actually create one yourself. So what is a descriptive essay?

Let's assume that you are telling somebody about an experience you had on a recent holiday. It could've been a pleasure to visit or meet a special person or enjoy a particular meal - all things which were outstanding. It might well have been a fantastic experience for you but will it come across as such to the person listening to your tale? And that is exactly the situation which applies when you write a descriptive essay. Will the person reading your descriptive essay feel the same sense of excitement that you enjoyed?

It's the old show don't tell routine

One of the quickest ways to make your descriptive essay dull and boring is to tell the reader exactly what you saw or did. Now that may seem contradictory to you. If your understanding of descriptive essays is poor then that is exactly what you will probably do. You see if the show don't tell method is applied to the writing of a descriptive essay it makes that essay come alive.

By appealing to the different senses of the reader you give them a chance to enter into the world of imagination. You give them the opportunity to add colours to your description. The understanding of your experience becomes vivid. And that's because you used the show don't tell routine.

Now as mentioned before there are countless examples of descriptive essays and how to write them and how not to write them listed on many websites. What specifically do you want to know about descriptive essays? Do you want samples of well-written descriptive essays? Do you want to know the key to creating a show don't tell writing style? When you know exactly what you want as far as descriptive essays are concerned, you can adjust your search engine material accordingly.

There are all sorts of things you can learn about descriptive essays including their structure, possible topics and steps to avoid. The online resources are extensive and you will save time and energy by knowing exactly what you want and searching in a specific manner.

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