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How To Edit My Paper Quickly: Professional Guidelines

Editing is the process that takes mediocre papers into greatness. It refines style issues and eliminates grammatical errors so that the best essence of the original paper is distilled for submission. This is obviously an art which can be poorly executed by the heavy handed. Here are some tips that you can use to edit your paper thoroughly in a relatively short space of time.

Make sure your spell check is turned on

This part of the process is more closely related to proofreading than editing but is vital all the same. Spell check can take away all the simple obvious errors from your work. All writers make these and you are especially susceptible to them when you write in haste. This process is not fool proof, however.

Proofread manually

Spell checking soft wear would not pick up the error in this sentence. Homophones like ‘ware” and “wear” would escape undetected as would some punctuation errors. These need to be discovered through a thorough manual proofreading. This is best done after waiting for the paper to fade somewhat form your mind but if you are editing in a hurry, read your work backwards so that the memory does not obscure the errors for you.

Know the rules of your chosen academic writing style

To properly edit your paper you should know the rules of the style it should be adhering to. This can be done by referring to the guiding body’s reference booklet or by looking at the tips on their website. Look at these rules and painstakingly seek out the ways in which your paper has fallen short and correct them.

Use a template

Since your focus is on speed, the use of a template can be especially effective. Look for a template in the appropriate format and plug in your information. Most templates are free so you can have your pick of the best of them.

Pay for help

Academic writing companies deliver different specialty services. Some will do your entire paper while others will merely edit it for a much smaller fee. The people who work on your paper are likely to be professionals and thus much quicker than you at editing. You will pay a premium for that speed, however, if you need the process completed especially quickly.

These tips represent but a small fraction of your options but you can employ them to achieve your objective.

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