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A helpful guide on how to write a hook for an essay

Use hooks to attract attention to your paper and start your essay unusually.

Starting an essay is usually the part the takes more time than the writing itself. The very important moment is to find correct words to start the essay with. After you write the first few words, the rest usually just flows by itself and you just let the words form the paper you like. But the first sentence is what brings you trouble. If you have the same problem, a hook is the perfect solution for you. What is a hook? It is a short thesis you start your essay with, usually something that is destined to “hook” your reader to the essay, make it interesting and puzzling.

  • When will a hook be useful for you?
  • When you don't know the correct words to start your paper with.
  • When you need your paper to differ from dozens or even hundred other papers submitted to the same person.
  • When you want to teach your readers something interesting.
  • When you need to keep the reader's attention through the paper.

What can you use as a hook?

According to your topic you will choose among a lot of ideas how to keep your readers interested. Always pay attention to the style, requirements and audience of your paper and choose the hook accordingly. If this is an official business or a strictly scientific paper, the joke will probably not be a good choice. On the other hand, if the main purpose of the essay is to entertain the readers, a lot of statistics will just bore them and make them distracted. Otherwise, here are the most powerful hooks you can use:

  • A quote from a book. If you remember an interesting quote from the book you read recently, this will serve several purposes: both as a hook and a possibility to show your hobby to read, especially if this is not a quote used on every corner.
  • A quote of a famous person. A lot of gripping quotes can be found online to support your point.
  • A joke or a funny story. This will keep the mood of the reader high and improve the attitude to you and your paper.
  • A visual scene in narrative style. Is good to use when describing a personality or event. Will make the essay more live and distract the reader from strictly academic style.

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