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Academic Writing Tips: The Layout Of A Critical Analysis Essay

When you see books like The Autumn of the Patriarch; so poetic and so unorthodox; with never-ending sentences, layered meanings and magic realism, you feel whether this book can have a critique. The fact remains; even Gods have critics.

Similarity with a difference

Now, a critical analysis essay is written in the same format; i.e. head, body and tail but here, there is a common linkage between different paragraphs and single paragraphs don’t live a life of their own.

  • A sound beginning – You begin by offering a sentient gist of generally a book or an event; say, 2nd World War. In the first paragraph of the essay itself; you ardently place your take on the piece. The writing style from there takes an upward curve.

  • Evaluation of characters – In the following couple of paragraphs, you attempt to evaluate the characters involved and weave the story in accordance with the characters. You emphasize on the crucial junctures; the areas which make readers stop and think. You make sure you are not judgmental or prejudiced.

  • Place the negatives – You choose one essay paragraph to place the negatives that the book or the event has or had. It might not be relevant to today’s society; it might not have emerged from the socio-political bondages of the times; it might be parochial in its constraints. The character evolution might not be up to scratch. It might not be something you will read over and over again.

  • The concluding paragraph – You end the essay by comparing the highs and lows and declaring why the book should be read or the event should be given its due importance. Your reasons should not be cleared but progressive. You should bring to the mat areas where the book could have taken a different route. You need to craft a methodical manner of analysis for this.

Gift of writers

Some gifted writers use the tone and inflection of the book while analyzing it. So, he Scarlet Letter may be analyzed in the first person; Harry Potter in a mystical manner and One Hundred Years of Solitude’s analysis might be layered with inputs of magic realism. Some writers use one of the involved characters as their spokesperson; essaying the confusions with clarity.

Take special care

Take special care of your writing style; which should be constant, biting and of a pleasing standard. Your judgment should be arbitrary and there should be some space for conflict in the critical essay. You should attempt to foster a connection with readers through the might of your pen.

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