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Professional advice: using the proper essay format

Every essay writer who has ever completed an exceptional essay has an understanding of the proper format that such a piece of writing must take. For some, that knowledge seems almost innate while for others it requires careful attention to detail, practice and a good few sample to refer to regularly. It never hurts, however, to get a few good tips and the following have been compiled from some seasoned professional writers.

Grab them with your intro

Your introduction is the first thing any reader will see (after your title of course). It gives you a chance to follow through on the promise of the interesting topic you chose before you get into the meat of your essay. Think hard abought much detail you want to get into and what you can comfortable include in your introduction without encroaching on the body of the essay. This is the best place to put the line that will hook your reader because it will make the rest of the essay appear more interesting since he or she will have already decided that you’re onto something good.

Elaborate your points in the body

The body of the essay is that place where the paragraphs that detail your point go. Be clear about what you mean and don’t include words for the sake of padding the word count. It’s better to go slightly under the limit than slightly over at the expense of content. The reader will notice. Make sure that you don’t let the same point straddle to paragraphs unless it truly needs to.

Wrap up your message

The last section of your essay is the conclusion and it serves to neatly draw to a close all the points you mentioned earlier. You may include a brief summary of what came before but this is not the place to say anything that was left unsaid. New points do not belong here and if they were worth saying they would have earned a place in the body.

Bonus Point: Edit like you mean it

Even a well formatted essay can lose points if it requires editing and proofreading but was submitted anyway. Look at your essay like an objective third party rather than a proud parent and subject it to all the necessary changes.

By following these rules your formats will be flawless and your work will earn you accolades at least in this respect.

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