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Gun Control In The USA

It’s true that in the United States, of the few topics that get the most people worked up, gun control is pretty close to the top of that list, for the simple reason that it has to do with control; which is something we all value as humans. All of us want it, no one else should have it.

As a matter of fact, it’s next to impossible to address gun control in the USA without addressing the controversy of what gun control means to individuals and for groups of people. Here we will look at the different and most common views on gun control.


Imagine the idea that a work of engineering such as the gun, has ideology attached to it, which controls who can use that device and why? Something as simple as sending a projectile through the air to it’s destination, has so much attached to it as an attempt to make it more than what it is. Which means that sending that projectile doesn’t just end with the act of sending it, but as to what it does when it arrives.

Without that result, the idea of patriotism and the right to be the cause of that effect is meaningless. We’re always hearing about the right to bear arms in order to make possessing a firearm legitimate and protected under a climate when it was perhaps necessary to defend one’s property. It’s interesting that the idea still applies when it’s no longer needed and manipulated by those who desire to have them who otherwise would have questionable motives.

State Gun Laws

Depending on the state party majority determines the state’s support of the gun law. Much of these laws are labeled as open carry, concealed guns or no guns at all, which in the U.S. is rare. These gun laws are based off of a foundation of a established ideology of patriotism, but control is also managed by whoever believes what type of person should have one or not.

This is controlled by permits which are determined by the state, which controls what type of gun is purchased, how they’re purchased and by who. If a person has a history that might increase the risk of them being a threat to society, this is controlled. As technology has improved, databases keep track of gun owners and trigger red flags if someone becomes a suspect.


None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the conflicts that take place within the realm of regulation. At the top of the heap is the National Rifle Association (NRA) who makes and extra overwhelming effort to stand in defense of gun owners and their rights to carry them. Any effort to control gun sales and/or ownership, the NRA wastes little time to send a message to the public, which increases tensions and gun sales. And they're able to use the message of patriotism as a way to defend those they represent, through manipulation, for people who have questionable motives for owning them.


It’s for these reasons that the topic of gun control in the U.S. is such a hot button issue. One thing that we can definitely agree on is that there does need to be control, but we’ll forever be debating on who should have it and it will continue to be at the top of the list of issues in the United States.

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