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Loneliness Is Universal

There are situations that are experienced by everyone. One of those is loneliness. Mild to some and critical to others, loneliness affects us at different stages of our lives. Although manageable without any serious conditions, some people may require help to deal with it.

Forms of loneliness

Loneliness is more experienced by its victims than other people may see it. Loneliness is a form of deep emotional trauma. It takes several different forms; a desire to be loved and to belong, an inner hollow vacuum and a deep craving for satisfaction. These are some of the many equally undesirable forms of loneliness. Research has led to information that the most likely causes of acute loneliness are separation or divorce, living in a foreign land and death of a life partner or close family member.

In older generations, the breaking up a family is the source of loneliness. They face a situation in which the past life is forgotten and the hope for future relationships is unfathomable to them. The younger generations exhibit a more concealed form of loneliness stemming from the inability to forge and maintain a healthy relationship. This loneliness, although not physically shown by the victims eats into them.

Loneliness is transient for some people while others it is chronic. This comes from the inability to admit that something has happened and needs redress. Living in denial leads to depression and negativity. In fact loneliness is ranked closely to smoking based on the severity of adverse health effects. Without proper help, loneliness can lead to depression and other serious conditions.

Causes of loneliness

Our society is highly urbanized. Every year, about 20% of the population move from rural to the urban areas in search of jobs and better life. This causes family shakeups as relationships get affected. It can be detrimental to the wellbeing of a family. The advent of technology has also rendered most of the skilled labor population redundant. Tradesmen can no longer derive pride from the work that they do. With nowhere else to go, this section of the population is a ripe target for loneliness.

Urbanization, despite its enormous benefits also breeds separation. Instead of giving rise to good neighborliness and social togetherness, living in the suburbs is characterized by suspicion and fear. The television effect and more recently the social media effect has created strong virtual relationships for some individuals but have no meaningful conversations and relationships with real people. They would rather spend their time online than engage in a conversation. This is a phenomenon that if not looked into will lead to a huge lonely population.

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