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Human Papilloma Virus

The Papilloma Virus, which affects human, transmitted through sexual contact with an infected person. Its effects are seen in both men and women. As long as one engages in sexual activity, they are at risk of contacting this Virus. The Virus may be harmless in most occurrences. In most cases, it does not show any physical symptoms. Many people may thus contact Papilloma Virus but may not have the knowledge that they have contacted it. If the Virus is persistent, it becomes a risk factor for life-threatening conditions. The virus has in the recent past been greatly named as one pf the major causes of cancers. It is listed as one of the leading factors causing cancers of the virginal, vulva, penis and cervical cancer. It is also said to pause a great risk of genital wart. In most cases, the virus is never persistent and thus not harmful. However, in cases where the virus becomes persistent, immediate medication should be sought as it is a poses great threat to individual’s health. There are several types of these Viruses over 140 discovered. It can thus be a serious risk factor for chronic diseases.

Mode of Transmission

In rare occasions, the Papilloma Virus in humans can be transmitted through the prenatal transmission. Genital Infections especially for individuals that have multiple of partners is another mode of transmission of the virus. The use of protection for example condoms is not effective in preventing the spread of the virus since some parts are still exposed, for instance, the inner thigh. It is very easy for the infected person to transmit the virus to their partners. The use hand is another transmission mode for this virus. Contact between the hands with the genitals if a person is infected may cause the infection to the other sexual partner. Sharing objects can be a mode of transmission for the virus. However, sexual intercourse is the most prevalent of all the known modes. Surgery is another method through which the virus can be transmitted. Surgical doctors and staff can contact the virus from victims through inhalation in the operation rooms.

Health Risks

The Papilloma Virus if persistent in humans can be very harmful to the health of the victim. Despite causing various cancers, it is associated with other health risk and change of life style. If affects the one mentally and could lead to other problems. These are life-threatening conditions if they are not detected in time. The virus can also lead to one contacting skin and genital warts.

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