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Educational Psychology

There are many branches in the tree that is known as psychology. One such branch of study is called educational psychology. This branch of study is primarily based on methods of figuring out how people learn and can include a broad range of topics. Some of those topics include things such as instruction, the differences in learning, problems people have with learning, and the ultimate outcomes for students. It is not just about learning as a child but it also includes things such as thinking processes, emotional, and social processes as well. All of this takes place over the entire lifespan of a specific individual. When you start to hear about people and intelligence, generally people will think about things like IQ testing. The problem is that IQ testing is often not really a good indication of how someone will be able to do in the real world. Even beyond that, your intelligence is not a good measure of your intellectual potential as a whole. It is hard to change. It is measured and there is usually some kind of ultimate capacity. One is the theory of multiple intelligences which was proposed by the psychologist known as Howard Gardner.

The theory is that the views of intelligence that are currently held by most people are simply too limited in scope. He said that people have different sorts of intelligences. Including eight different types and a possible ninth type which he called existential intelligence. In order to try and capture all of these and to find the full range of abilities and capacity, he said that we have to have musical, spatial, visual, linguistic, and interpersonal intelligences.

This theory has been widely criticized by both educators and psychologists as a whole. This is because they believe that the definition that Gardner has for intelligence is simply too broad. His eight different definitions were often compared to simple talents and traits and abilities. He also said that this had a lack of research. Empirical research. In other words, this theory had a considerable popularity though it had its detractors. A lot of teachers want to use this idea in the teaching that they do and they work to add this theory into their classroom.

Overall this branch of study is one that offers many insights in learning. It has cultivated some of the best theories related to learning and intelligence. With it teachers can now craft better schools.

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