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How to Write a Perfect Introductory Paragraph to my Essay

When writing the introduction to an essay, it has to be taken in steps. Each part of the paragraph has a purpose. By developing the parts correctly a student has a better ability to write a perfect introductory paragraph. It should start with the outline, and in that outline the introduction, just like one would the body paragraphs. The structure is the key, and that has to be developed before the writing actually starts.

  1. Catch Line
  2. Problem Statement
  3. View
  4. Outline

Catch Line

Of every part of the introduction, this is likely the most important part of the paragraph. The catch line, is what grabs the attention of the prospective reader, to begin with. He stronger the catch line, the stronger the introduction can be. It is the foundation to build off from, and what brings the reader to want to look at the rest. Some means are to; use a quote, a question, a profound statement, a strong statement, and in some cases, a bit of humor. A question should be to direct the prospective reader to think what you want them too, and make them curious.

Problem Statement

Make a clear and defined statement on what the essay is addressing. No matter what type of essay, it is addressing something, that is the “Problem”. Define this “problem”, and make it clear so the reader fully understands it. There can be no doubt as to what it is the student is writing about.


Every essay is based off from a view, which is that of the writer’s. Make that clear and concise. Never be afraid of what someone might think, that is not the writer’s responsibility. It is the writer’s responsibility to make sure they produce a strong and solid argument. So state the view, and make it known, that you think this way. It tells the reader what to expect, so they can decide if they want to read it or not.


Lines 4-6 should be the writer’s outline for the reader. It is not as laid out as the writer’s outline, it is just meant to let the reader know what to expect in the essay. This is very close to the “objective”, except it has a little more information, in less lines. Let the reader know what to expect in the body, and the conclusion, in a brief summary.

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