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How to come up with the best health essay topics

If you try to choose classes based on what classes assign the most essays, you will be sadly disappointed. In today’s educational world, every course seems to have essays in it, even the ones that you would least expect. It is not longer literature and history classes that are assigning essays. Every class from physics to physical education and home ec to health has essays that will be assigned at some point in the course. This means that once you are assigned an essay in health class, you will need to create an interesting topic.

Where to Begin Looking

When you are looking for the best health essay topics, it is a good idea to consider ideas that you instructor suggests. They often want you to stick to a topic that you have been discussing in class. So, if you have been studying nutrition, you could write a good essay that focuses on a limited aspect of nutrition. Your instructor will be impressed that you were able to create an essay that expanded on the ideas that you learned about in class.

How to Personalize a Topic

You could also look through topic ideas that you find online. The only problem with using topics you find online is that most other students will go to the Internet for inspiration, too. If you do find topics from online sources, you should alter them slightly to they are uniquely yours. For example, you might find several ideas about immunizations, especially since this is a controversial topic in the news. Instead of arguing whether or not children should be immunized, you could write about what happens when people are not immunized in third world countries and the dangers they pose to themselves or others. Mental health is another interesting topic with plenty of opportunities for interesting essays. You could focus on what celebrities have done to reduce the stigma attached to mental health problems or you could write about what professions are most likely to need mental health care support. In order to make a topic uniquely yours, you should try to find a way to focus it on something localized or interesting to you.

Here are a few other health essay topics:

  • The role of luck in healthy lifestyles
  • Do supplements really help?
  • How does hospice help keep families healthy during end of life events?
  • How does immigration affect health care in the United States?
  • What is the correlation between opening a casino and health care careers in a community?

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