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Basic Tips For Composing A Successful Expository Essay On Ecology

An expository essay is one in which a student is required to explain a topic/subject with the help of facts, figures, theories, studies and so on. The main aim of the expository essay is to educate—to expound on a topic for the purpose of disseminating information to the reader.

Writing an expository paper on ecology is a fairly easy task, since the field is so vast and subject to evolution. For students, there is an ocean of topics that they can choose from, each with its own importance and research attached to it. If you are looking for tips for composing a successful expository paper on ecology, read on.

Choose a narrow topic:

Ecology encompasses many subfields, each of which further offers various options for you to explore. Before beginning with your essay, decide what you want to write on, and how to want to write it. Some broad fields for possible topics may be:

  • Flora
  • Fauna
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Conservation of the Environment
  • Ozone Depletion
  • Pollutions (of various kinds)

Once you have decided on a broad field, narrow it down to a single point of interest. This will make research and writing process easier. For example, while the topic “Air Pollution” presents vast amounts of research across the world, ‘Increase in Air Pollution in the United States in the last five years’ makes for a much more engaging and informative topic.

Use data in your essay:

As mentioned earlier, the main idea of the expository paper is to inform. For that purpose, use informative, authentic data, preferably from academic sources like journals, research papers and so on. This will not only add credibility to your writing, but also portray you as a hard-working, invested student, who took the time to research his/her topic in depth.

Give recommendations:

Quoting problems and statistics is not enough: when writing the essay, make sure to give recommendations on how you, as an individual unit of the society, can do to eradicate the problem. What procedures do you think the government can carry out? What new laws can be laid? Giving well thought, informative recommendations will make your essay richer and more interesting to read.

Use creative ways to approach your topic:

Break away from the clichés and bring new ideas to the table. Give your paper creative angles, a good introduction, and a solid conclusion. One of the secrets of a good paper is now how much is written, but how it is written as well.

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