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Essay writing tutorial: 5 steps to success

Is it essay-writing season in the world of academia already? Uh-oh. What will you do now? Are you one of those people who just despise essay writing and despite all these years of continuous essay writing you have trouble putting your thoughts together onto the paper? Do you want an easy and quick way out? Well, here is a quick and easy 5-step process to successful essay writing:

Storm that Brain

Brainstorm. Think of butterflies and unicorns, gladiators and transformers. It is okay to go crazy. Just struggle with your brain and get it in that creative, writing gear where you can put yourself to writing an essay. Jot down whatever comes in your mind. If you have to select a topic beforehand, you will have to go through this exercise twice. If the topic is already decided, you just need to brainstorm your thoughts on it.

Create a skeleton (read outline)

Now make an outline. Prepare a structure for your essay with its starting and ending points. A general outline should comprise of the following essentials:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Analysis/ Findings
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations (optional but preferred)

You can add additional components just to fancy it up:

  • abstract
  • acknowledgments
  • preface
  • limitations
  • bibliography


Once you have devised your outline, move onto the drafting phase. While in the brainstorming phase you jotted down bullet points, this time you have to write down proper sentences and paragraphs. Whatever you know about the topic on hand, write it down. Do not care about whether it is relevant or not. You will have plenty of time later to organize it.


Now is the time to sort and filter. Organize your draft according to the outline you defined in the initial phases. It should be well connected with all the components. Every component should be a continuity of the proceeding one. Do not plagiarize. Be original.

Format, proofread and submit

Now it is time to format your paper according to whatever standard you have been instructed. Proofread your essay and look for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Remember your essay should be error free if you want to set a good impression at the reader. Draw margins; insert headers, and a nice fancy cover page. Submit the final essay in a manila folder of a plastic file. Present it in a very formal and sophisticated way.

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