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How to Write a Good Essay Introduction: Starting Off Successfully

An essay introduction performs many jobs. It sets the tone of the essay, tells what the essay is going to be about, shows the reader what type of writer composed it, and hopefully it has a thesis statement, background, and a hook. All of these components are very important.

A bad introduction says to your reader that the paper will also be bad. A first impression with a paper is extremely important. Once you mess up with your introduction, you will have hard time regrouping with the remainder of the essay.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is one very important sentence that tells what the essay is going to be about and what the writing is going to prove. You do not have a paper, I f you do not have a thesis statement. Your teacher will stop reading your essay and fail the paper if the introduction does not have a thesis statement.


You will need to provide historical background details, definitions and terms of importance, and author details in the first paragraph. Your introduction must have these items. You are the expert and it is your job to provide the reader with the details to help them understand your paper.


Give to your reader quotes, stories, statistics, data, case study results, or some amazing fact to pull them into your paper. Your reader should be so excited about your paper that he or she wants to read it immediately.

First Impressions

The introduction is the first impression. Therefore, it is very important. Make sure all your sentences are well constructed, all your words are spelt correctly, and that you follow all MLA or APA rules.

An introduction that is badly written and constructed tells the reader that the paper will also be badly written. You always want to start and to finish strong. Your introduction needs to be absolutely perfect!


Have a checklist that your refer to as you work your way through the introduction to make sure you cover all the bases. Save this checklist and use it every time you write. Your checklist should include:

  • Spelling
  • Sentence structure
  • Hook
  • Thesis statement
  • Transitions
  • Grammar
  • Background
  • Title

Use these tips and this checklist to help you have success in starting off with a strong introduction. The introduction is the most important part of your paper.

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