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The Layout Of A Comparative Essay: 5 Basic Tips For Students

A comparative essay requires a heavy amount of brainstorming, scribbling notes and weighing of each and every point regarding both the subjects. In order to produce a supreme or stellar essay, one needs to circumspectly choose two subjects which have enough dissimilarities as well as similarities. And once that is done, a good five or six paragraphs filled with comparisons, all rational and pragmatic, are necessary. Following are the five common but helpful tips on the layout of these essays:

Introduction contains the groundwork - the introduction of the essay must never part from the basis of the topic . It is overtly important to seek out the basis depending on which the comparisons would take place. Sometimes it is given in the question and at times you are required to decide on what criterion would you conduct a comparative study.

Design a list of similarities and dissimilarities- the moment you understand the previous point begin with formulating a list, comprising of both the common and different factors. This step would also imply an inclusion of contrasting factors. Following which, it is advisable to call attention these very points. For example, if you are comparing two stories, you must compare between the traits of the two crucial characters or the theme of both the stories.

Subject matter must contain sequential sentences- for example, if you are comparing between poem A and B, the first sentence would include information from poem A followed by the information on B. This way the comparative study is further augmented and understood better. It also highlights these separate points individually.

Paragraph comparison and the six paragraph layouts- the introduction remains unchanged but information on both the subjects are presented in separate paragraphs. In the latter format, there are six individual paragraphs, three of which deal with one subject and the rest with the other subject.

Conclude with a twist- the conclusion should consist of the synopsis of the whole essay, both the similarities and dissimilarities must be included. But this time you are required to express your own views and perspectives on the topic or subject. In order to bolster your own rationale you may provide with additional explanations. Having said that, you should not choose one over the other or confuse a comparative with an argumentative essay.

Its a proven fact, we indulge in conversations which always revolve around comparing between two points or subjects hence these essays are inexplicably attached with our lives.

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