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How To Write A Narrative Essay Using The Professional Online Examples

A narrative essay is most probably the easiest form of essay writing. All you have to do is write from your own perspective and describe an event or occasion as it occurred. Most of the times a narrative essay starts with the word “I” You have to explain how you learned from an experience or how an event changed your life. If you are asked to write a narrative essay, you need to follow the given steps.

  • Plan your essay
  • The first thing you should do is plan your essay. This is the pre writing phase, you just have to think of the things that you will include in your essay and the topic of the essay. To come up with a good topic you should brainstorm for ideas.

  • Think of an experience worth writing
  • Take your time and think of an experience that you should write the essay on. It should be something interesting and easy to relate to. Make sure the experience you choose is not only important to you but can also hold the reader’s attention.

  • Read expert written essays
  • To get a better idea of how to write a narrative essay you can read expert written essays on the web or in the books for essay that you find in a library. You can find good essay guides in the college library as well as the public library. Read these essays carefully to observe the format and the writing tone.

  • Improve your writing skills
  • Make sure you practice writing; this will improve your written communication and the flow of ideas. If you keep practicing, you will develop a good sentence structure.

  • Get a hard copy
  • If the essays that you find are on the web, you should try getting a hard copy for them. Get the essay printed on a paper so that you can mark important places and make notes.

  • Write a rough essay
  • After you have the notes and the idea, you can then start writing a rough draft of your essay. Don’t worry about the mistakes in the rough draft you can always check them later. To save time, you can use short forms and abbreviations instead of writing the complete word.

  • Compare your essay
  • After finishing your draft, compare it with the essay that you made notes on.

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