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A List Of Ideas For Capital Punishment Essay Topics

When it comes to writing on the topic of capital punishment, there are plenty of approaches that can be taken. Being such a controversial topic, it enables the writer a great deal of choice when it comes to picking a specific title, as well as how to actually write about it.

Decide what type of paper you want to write

It may be that the style of essay has been pre-chosen, in which case there is no need to think about how you want to approach the work. However, if there is more scope for deciding what kind of paper to write then there are plenty of styles that could be appropriate. For example, a history essay could be selected if the writer wanted to talk about developments over time in relation to capital punishment, including which countries have used capital punishment in the past, as well as the present day, and when laws were brought in to either abolish capital punishment, or to make it more humane.

Another style would be ‘cause and effect’. Using this approach, it is possible to look at which crimes are deemed severe enough to warrant capital punishment, as well as identifying what kind of effect the punishment has on crime levels e.g. do murder rates go up or down when capital punishment is or isn’t used.

Another style that is ideally suited for the topic is ‘argumentative’. The writer can discuss the controversy that surrounds the use of capital punishment, as well as the effects of a miscarriage of justice – if arguing against it. Other arguments against its use may include the idea that nobody has the right to take another person’s life, whilst arguments for may suggest that this is the only form of punishment that can appropriately punish offenders who carry out the most sever crimes.

Potential titles for a capital punishment essay

The following is a brief list of some possible title ideas for a paper on capital punishment:

  • Is it ever acceptable to use capital punishment?
  • What crimes deserve the death penalty?
  • When capital punishment goes wrong
  • Does capital punishment act as a deterrent?
  • Capital punishment in the 21st Century
  • The history of capital punishment

How to write the essay

Finally, when it comes to writing the work, depending on the style, it can be mainly researched based, or largely opinion based.

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