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How to write a creative non-fiction essay in no time

Writing a creative non-fiction essay in no time is easily done. All it takes is a bit of understanding about the style of your essay and what is required for the structure of the essay type. One type of essay you may be assigned is a comparative essay.

A comparative essay is one where you compare two or more items or things. The items will vary based on the assignment. You might have to compare two positions on a particular issue. You might have to compare two particular theories. You might have to compare two figures or two texts. You might be asked to compare two events. Some examples of comparison assignments include:

  • Comparing the responses to midwifery in the United States versus Canada
  • Comparing capitalism to communism
  • Comparing GDP in France to Germany
  • Comparing Hamlet to MacBeth
  • Comparing the 2008 Financial Crisis to the Great Depression

While your particular assignment may only say “compare” remember that your job is to consider the similarities as well as the differences.

It is important to understand the basis for your particular comparison. Your assignment may tell you exactly what you should compare or it might ask you to figure out a basis of comparison on your own.

If you are given the basis for comparison in your essay prompt or assignment details then that is what you must use throughout the duration of your writing process.

If you have to develop the basis for comparison then you should ask yourself if there is a particular device or theme that is common to both events or both texts from which you can draw differences and similarities.

Make a List

Once you have your basis for comparison it is time to critically compare the items and create a list. This list acts as your outline. If you are reviewing what creates a true gentleman in two separate novels you might detect that from one novel it is working hard and being productive and yet in another novel it is having manners and power.

After you have created your list you should be able to construct your writing plan. You need to determine whether the similarities outweigh your differences or whether the differences outweigh the similarities. Then you need to create a thesis statement that reflects upon this. A complex thesis might include both the similarities you found as well as the differences.

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