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Twenty Awesome Topics To Write Successful Essays On

You must always make sure that you pay attention to the topics that you are supposed to write on. The importance of a topic lies in the fact that it is the first thing that most lecturers normally look for when they are about to mark your paper. A good topic will definitely get you as much marks, but a terrible topic will cost you a lot in terms of the marking of your paper. The importance of a good topic is one of those things that you cannot take for granted. With a good topic, you have the ability to delve deeper into an important issue, and this can get the attention of your professor. Your insights into the paper will also go so far in guaranteeing you a pass. The following are some good topics that you can work with:

  1. The importance of team building to productivity
  2. Does brainstorming help in boosting performance?
  3. All is fair in business, love and war
  4. The unethical thin line between leaving a company for the rivals
  5. The importance of a dress code in the workplace
  6. Has outsourcing of IT departments become redundant?
  7. Governments need to stop bailing out big bankrupt businesses
  8. Does an MBA guarantee success in business?
  9. Business bankruptcy and the relation to poor leadership
  10. All businesses must be mandated to go green
  11. The emergence of China as an economic superpower
  12. Demerits of outsourcing call centers to India
  13. With reference to the European global crisis, is globalization a bad idea?
  14. Discuss the effectiveness or failure of the Poverty Reduction and Growth program of the World Bank and the IMF
  15. Should Greece be kicked out of the Eurozone?
  16. Should HR managers use lie detectors at interviews?
  17. The trend of hiring managers canvassing through social media profiles is unjust
  18. Social media networks should be blocked from offices
  19. Importance of non-monetary motivation to employees and employee retention
  20. Do entry level employees necessarily bring success and new energy to the company?

The above mentioned are some interesting topics that you can start working with. You will realize that most of them are things that you have either experienced or at least you know someone who has. This is how easy it is to come up with a good topic.

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