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The Key Features And Elements Of A Proper Descriptive Essay

While going through school, it will be highly likely that you will write at least one descriptive essay and the word count may seem outrageous. But the point is to get your brain working because the more descriptive you are, the more words you will be using.

Some people may find it difficult to describe exactly what they are thinking. But, take these key elements to ensure that the assignment you are doing will turn of beautiful and just the way you hoped.

  • When writing a descriptive essay, you want to paint a picture with your words. Don’t just say “the rose is red” instead describe it. “The long stem, cherry red rose that grew outside my window was a perfect gift.” There is so much more detail when you describe it.
  • Think about every sense you have in your body and try to describe it when referring to something in your project. Your five sense are; sound, taste, sight, touch, and smell. Can you use all five of these to describe what you are saying?
  • Make sure that the topic you have chosen is clear and detailed. Without a good topic, you won’t be able to write a successful essay because you won’t really be sure of what you are writing. Be knowledgeable about the topic before you even begin to write about it.
  • Have a clear thesis statement. The thesis statement basically tells the reader what your project will be about, and it always can be used as a guideline while you write. This statement doesn’t need to be longer than a sentence or two, but it needs to be clear, sharp, and understandable to all parties involved.
  • If you can’t properly describe what you are talking about, it’s better to ditch the topic and start over then settle on it and not come out with a good result. It’s okay to trash something if it isn’t working for you especially if it means success in the end.

The key point here is to make sure you are as descriptive as you can be. Pick up a thesaurus, Google descriptive words. If it means that your assignment will be even better, then use those tools to your advantage. Always remember the five sense if you’re having trouble, those will be a great starting point for your essay.

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