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Bill Mariott

Bill Mariott is Executive Chairman of one of the world’s largest hotel companies – Mariott International. Mr. Mariott is well-known for the hands-on management style that let him turn a restaurant chain into a successful lodging business, on that is constantly growing. He claims that his family business rose from a simple root beer stand. So, is it family fortune or hard work that helped him fare extremely well in this business?

The secret to success seems to be hidden in his father’s favorite phrase, “Success is never final.” Mr. Mariott went further and developed 12 rules of business success, which served well and resulted in everything the family possesses today – approximately 4,000 properties located in 73 countries. Marriott International, Inc., apart from being highly successful, is considered to be one of the best companies to work for today. Bill Mariott shares his rules for others to use in business and succeed:

  1. Constantly challenge the team to work better together.
  2. Consider the treatment of the associates. They will pay better attention to and take better care of the customers, who are more likely to return.
  3. Remember that success is carried out by the team, not one person. It should be celebrated together.
  4. Be aware of your strengths. Develop and improve them.
  5. Take action – do it now!
  6. Listen to your competitors, associates, and customers.
  7. Be visible and get out of the office.
  8. Pay attention to details.
  9. While hiring people, consider their qualities instead of experience.
  10. Quality is crucial for your customers.
  11. Search for employees who are smarter than you.
  12. Consider each problem as an opportunity to develop.

At 82 years of age, Mr. Marriot is a person of high expectations and love of excellence. He works 50 hours per week and visits 200 hotels per year; it seems that retirement is impossible for him. Bill Mariott is definitely lucky to have a true interest in both business and good health, and he will therefore keep on contributing to his legacy as long as he can.

The man managed to find secrets of success in two main aspects of life: business and family. He and his wife Donna Garff have 4 children, 15 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren; they often spend time together. Deborah Marriott Harrison, Mr. Marriott’s daughter, claims that the company has always been a huge part of his life. The work seems to keep him active, young, interested, and alive. Bill Marriott advises never to rest on one’s achievements. Life is a race, and we are expected to keep running.

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