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International Terrorism

International terrorism is referred to violent acts that are used to put fear into the people that they are targeting.  These are usually done because of an ideological, political, or religious goal and they sometimes have target but sometimes they just kill harmless and defenseless civilians.  International terrorism has been such a problem that there is a convention to help stop it.  At the Comprehensive Convention On International Terrorism a treaty was proposed, this is intended to criminalize every form of international terrorism and to deny the terrorists finances and the supporters that gives them the funds, safe havens, and arms.

The negotiations have been going on over thirteen years and the United Nations are deadlocked on the proposal that was established at the convention on international terrorism.  Even with suicide bombings going on in places like Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Syria, they still haven’t reached an agreement treaty.  International terrorism is defined by the convention as a person who commits an offence that causes death or serious injury to another person, major damage to public or private property, this included places like state and government facilities, public transit, or the environment, also damage that leads to a major economic loss that can prevent people from doing anything after the attack.

For example, 9/11 is a good example of this because it covered all of the requirements of an international terrorism attack.  It causes death and injuries to people, it has serious damage to property and made it impossible for people to work, which is why the stock market crashed after it happened and gas prices went up.  International terrorism is a very scary thing because it can cause so much damage during and long after the attack is over.  The long term can be just as bad as the actually act.

It’s not that the convention doesn’t like the definition it is just they aren’t sure if it applies to some groups like the armed forces or people that are in the self-determination movements.  Because of this they have been trying to adjust it to make it more clear but have been unsuccessful in their efforts. If you think about it, they have been taking a long time to decide but maybe they want to make the right decision so as to not leave something out.  Or they are just being difficult like most governments like to do sometimes.

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