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How To Write A Good Essay About Your Favorite Teacher

Life is often described as a university without an end. We all learn everyday one way or the other, and that is how we all grow intellectually and mentally. And that is precisely where the teachers come in. Without this set of people, there will be a major impediment to the transfer of knowledge. This brings us to the main question of this piece: how to write a good essay about your favorite teacher.

  • Think, think, and think: It is often said that whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can surely achieve. The first step in writing is not putting pen to paper; it is actually thinking. It is by thinking that you are able to come up with ideas and concepts that will assist you in properly articulating your thoughts. So take some time, draw up a list, and carefully select your favorite teacher with conviction before you go ahead with the writing.

  • Ask yourself questions: Yes, you will have to ask yourself a lot of questions. If you select a particular tutor as your most preferred tutor, you will have to come up with very logical and tangible reasons as to why and how you arrived at that particular decision. By doing this, you are able to take a much closer look at the whole scenario and have a clearer understanding as to why you are reaching such a conclusion.

  • Interview the teacher: If it is possible for you, ensure that you organize an interview session with this tutor. In the course of the interview, you will be able to notice even more reasons as to why you love this particular tutor. It may be the pattern or style of talking or writing or even the way or manner of explaining that got your attention. Whatever it is, an interview will reveal a lot.

  • Draw upon your memories: Memories can be very powerful, and it is very important that you draw upon and try to recollect as many as possible. By so doing, you will be enriching your writing experience. The more you recollect from the past about this tutor of yours, the more you are able to put down.

Now that you know how to go about this form of essay, nothing should stop you anymore. Get a pen and paper and start pouring out your thoughts for that special tutor or professor.

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