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US Actions In Afghanistan And Iraq

The US government is given a lot of credit for its involvement in the peacekeeping missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US championed these missions and was only supported by close allies like the United Kingdom. Despite them taking a lot of credit for the mission, there are still those who feel that they had no reason to go into Iraq and Afghanistan. These missions are politicized by many people and were used by many as a campaign tool. However, of importance is to note that these missions bore fruits. Thanks to the mission, Al Qaeda does not have a level playing ground to plan their terrorist attacks. They have been rendered powerless and are only struggling to form a new basis.

Works in Iraq

America invaded Iraq in 2003. The intentions were to remove from power the government f Saddam. The main reason as to why the US attacked Iraq is because they believed that Iraq was producing weapons of mass destruction. This was viewed as a potential threat to America. Saddam was also said to be in support of All Qaeda. After the invasion, American troops ransacked the whole of Iraq. This resulted to the fall of the Ba’athist government. Saddam was apprehended in 2003. He was executed after three years leaving a power vacuum in Iraq. This did not leave things better in the country. There was a lot of violence from Sunnis and Shias. US troops had to remain in Iraq until a stable government was formed. The troops maintained peace in the country. The US was involved in strategies to bring peace back to Iraq and in mechanisms that would lead to there being a lasting solution and peace in Iraq. They foresaw the signing of treaties that would result in peace in the country.

Actions in Afghanistan

Invasion of Afghanistan was deemed as the US War in Afghanistan. America aimed at going round the whole of Afghanistan and driving out Al Qaeda. It was believed that they had a strong base in Afghanistan. The other public purpose was to remove Taliban from power. After the September 11th attack, the government of US asked Afghanistan to hand over Osama to the government of US. Taliban said that they needed concrete evidence showing his involvement in the attack. This led to attack in Afghanistan. It cleared all the roots of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and although they were not lucky to make significant arrests, they drove them out of Afghanistan.

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