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Media In Today’s World

Media is an important management and marketing tool that is always present in today’s very volatile socio-economic clime. The different levels of society are gravely affected by media since it influences the nuances associated with information, education, entertainment and advertising. Updates, information and opinions pertaining to various concerns that affect everyday life constantly comes from the stream of news people see on the television, hear from the radios and see on the internet especially on social networking sites.

A decade ago, interactions and communications that happen online or on the internet were very limited since the few people who communicate online or use computers were subjected to slow search engines and limited computer range functions making it a bit difficult for people to communicate extensively. The most common form of communication back them were relegated to writing letters and sending them through the traditional postal mail system. This also goes true for advertisements and news where the sole source of events that happen locally or internationally comes from printed materials like magazines or newspapers, and the television or radio per se.

According to Lucas (2013), the addiction in using the internet’s social media has constantly grown and became a favorite for the past couple of years; making the World Wide Web or internet a profitable avenue for entrepreneurs, businesses, professionals and conglomerates. And while competition on internet advertisements may be stiff, business companies engaged in social media who offer good value with relevant messages often have the advantage in marketing. Similarly, the social media makes it more convenient for consumers and viewers to keep abreast with the latest news and trends globally since the online system knows no geographical boundaries.

As such, the current role of media has lessened the communication gap that lies between advertisers and consumers, performers and viewers; making it more easier for the less privilege to continuously develop their lifestyle and monitor the things around them by spending a couple of hours each day in front of the television or browsing their favorite social networking sites on the internet. Hence, media in today’s world is not only an important but a practical tool that can help in building better nations should it disseminate straight-forward, sincere and honest news which may affect how issues are perceived.

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