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Gender Essay Topics: 4 Burning Issues

When it comes to topics of gender, the issues of global inequality will likely come to mind. Unfortunately, these gender issues tend to fare better for men—leaving women in many situations with the short end of the stick. Feminism is something that should be embraced by both men and women, as it is not a movement attempting to have women dominate, but a movement to stimulate equality between genders. There are many, many issues concerning gender, on both ends of the spectrum, both male and female, but four burning issues include:

Gender Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are found in colors, activities and clothes assigned to a person based solely on his or her gender. A couple examples of these stereotypes are: pink for girls vs. blue for boys or a male lawyer vs. a female homemaker. When a person is removed from these assumed roles, he or she may often find that his or her interests may stray from that of his or her gender stereotype.

Professional Inequalities

Although many organizations and people have made efforts to close the gap of inequality between men and women, there are still massive inequalities in the work place. Women are paid lesser than men. Also, fewer women are seen in leading roles—although this is something on the rise. Another issue of inequality in the workplace is the negative stigma a strong/stern woman in charge often earns, versus the shark-like businessman categorization for the same behaviors in leading men.

Political Affiliations

Men dominate the field of politics. Societies entrust men in leading roles, and our voting results prove that. Further researching the reasons behind this inequality, and the possible solutions would make for a compelling paper. Also the perseverance of governing women will only continue to increase the females’ presence in political offices.


Infanticide is the act of killing unwanted children directly after birth, or shortly thereafter. This is a gender issue because many female child around the world fall victim to female infanticide daily. There are countries like China that institute the One Child Policy and forced abortions, where infanticide is a legal practice—and then there are illegal practices that are overlooked by any governing systems in China.

Issues of gender equality are prevalent around the world. With the help of each individual, we can work to lessen the gap between genders. By exploring and researching issues like gender stereotypes, professional inequalities, political affiliations and infanticide you will have a strong topic of gender discussion.

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