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Politics in Africa

Politics in Africa are both complex and fragile. This has been the norm for a long time throughout the history of the emergence of Africa as a continent in its own right. In some of the African Countries, many people live in abject poverty and have little or no access to a formal education system or support for their health. In some African countries, incidents and death at the hands of militants can occur without any notice or recourse. These politically fragile countries tend not to trade with countries outside of Africa. Workers tend not to be paid a reasonable price for their work.

If we make a comparison between Europe, The United States of America and Africa then the most apparent difference is that Africa does not have democracy throughout all of its countries. Some of the countries are ruled by military dictatorships and the peoples of the country have no say in the decision making processes of their government. There seems to be war and conflict in many of the African countries, which will have an impact on tourism and trading with the rest of the world. But this is a very singular view of Africa. There are great differences between the countries that make up Africa.

Internal politics have shaped the way that each country responds to outside influences from other countries. Many of the countries are acceptant of international support for health and education. This support has come through International aid agencies and volunteer work to enable the peoples of a country to become more self-sufficient and also to be able to receive and build upon an education that will help them make a positive difference to their country.

In more democratic countries such as South Africa, politics are more on par with neighbours in the European Community and USA. They have a good education system and fair approach to justice. Remember that all the changes in systems are governed through politics and politicians have to be seen to be making the changes that the people of that country are asking for and the changes that they need within their country. In all fairness though, politicians may not choose to campaign outside of major cities so they can only make a guess as to what the majority of the population want.

Generally, it can be said that only a minority of people in Africa have any access to knowledge of the politics of their country let alone have the chance to vote for someone who could represent their views.

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