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How to write the best essay easily

Now we need to be careful here when we use the word easily. We don't mean that it is easy to write the best essay possible. But we do mean that there are easier ways to write something that is really good. After all writing any old essay no matter how easy it might be to do, is of no use if the mark you get for your essay is very poor. So the following tips are designed to help you save time and effort and obviously, to get the quality of your work as high as possible.

  • choice of topic
  • research
  • brainstorming
  • plan or outline
  • first draft fast
  • reworking
  • editing

Now all of these points above seem to be basic and they are. But so often a student struggles with their essay because they omit one or more of these points or they don't take them seriously. It can be a fairly easy process to check over a poorly written essay and pinpoint where it has gone wrong. So often it is missing something or something hasn't been developed properly because one or more of the above points were not used.

The choice of topic is a no-brainer. Choose a topic which interests you and your chances of making the essay writing easier improve dramatically. The opposite obviously applies. And flowing on from the choice of topic is your ability to research it. If you have a passion for the topic and if it's something which holds your interest, you will have far less trouble in finding and carrying out research. You will make your task easier.

Brainstorming is a tradition which has long improved the work of so many writers. Forget about rules and regulations. On a piece of paper simply write down every word you can think of under a certain topic. Once you have this smattering of words, go through and highlight the ones which will be worth researching or be a part of your essay. You'll find from brainstorming that you pick up ideas you would not otherwise have thought of.

But you need to have these ideas in the form of a plan. Again on a piece of paper with the structure or formula of your essay set out, add in the points you will make in each paragraph. When you've completed this, jump into the writing of your first draft. It's almost like brainstorming. Get it written as quickly as possible according to your plan.

Then you take your time and go through it re-working it. Then having come up with your second draft you get the opportunity to proofread and edit your work. Following this procedure you can write your best essays easily.

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